10 Storage Solutions for Condo Owners

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Welcome to the condo owner life, where you’ve got pain-free maintenance, cool amenities and usually killer views…but not always enough storage space. While opting for furniture with room to store things away sounds like an easy fix, sometimes life happens. The knick-knacks pile up and we’re left feeling cramped. Don’t sweat it though! Here are 10 storage solutions to help you maintain a comfortable space:

1. Hang pots and pans

Organizing a kitchen with little cabinet space? Try hanging pots and pans! Depending on your kitchen size, you have a few options here: installing a hanging rack from the ceiling, a few hooks above the sink, pot rails on the wall, etc. The hanging pans make the space more functional, open up cabinet space, and give that sprinkle of chef’s-kitchen décor.

2. Drawer organizers

Don’t underestimate the power of a good drawer organizer. Whether it’s to sort your personal desk, kitchen utensils, or random-junk drawer, this allows you to organize your items while keeping them in plain sight. Here’s a folding hack, courtesy of queen Marie Kondo, to maintain a neat dresser and avoid drawer-cramming.

3. Put shelves over doors

A practical addition that creates space and minimizes clutter. You can store folded towels above the bathroom door, use the space as a make-shift bookshelf in your room, or even line vintage décor in your living room space.

4. Slide it under the bed or store it in

Nowadays bed frame options are endless. Ikea has 27 different bed frames with storage solutions, in case you were shopping for a new one. But if you’re happy with your current set-up, consider buying under-bed storage boxes. They’re usually clear plastic bins with wheels, which allow for easy sliding access. It’s a budget-friendly hack to utilize dead space if you don’t already!

5. Sliding pantry

Ah yes, the small space between the fridge and wall that serves no purpose. If you are familiar with this struggle, prepare for the hack of a lifetime: a sliding pantry. If you’re looking to do it DIY, make sure you measure the space – Wayfair, Walmart, Rona, and more all offer different styles/sizes of the same concept!

6. Hang your laundry hamper (on the back of your door)

Nothing is more of an eye-sore than coming home after a long day and being greeted by a heaping pile of clothes in your laundry basket. This storage solution eliminates that feeling while providing you with a practical solution to keep laundry off the floor and out of the way. Hanging hampers are also easy to transport, so an added bonus for condo dwellers without access to in-suite laundry.

7. Floating shelves

Another addition of endless possibilities. Imagine a stained wood shelf with plants and decor, an invisible floating shelf piled high with books, maybe just a single rail mounted for vinyls! A great way to showcase decor personality via organization.

8. Closet organizer

Consider how much wasted space you have at the top of your closet. Most closets extend to the ceiling (usually 9′) yet they only utilize space up to 6′. Go ‘up’ in your closet and don’t settle for the standard single bar, especially if you’ve got a lot of clothes. Double how much you can store by using an organizing system.

9. Add hooks to your closet wall

Adding onto the last one, is it just me or are closets always on the verge of overflow? Putting hooks on an interior closet wall is a great way to create a little more space and ease up on the heavy clothes hangers. Hang shoes, jewellery, or plan your outfit of the day! Easy access, no clutter.

10. Oversized curtains for clutter

Finally, for the items you seriously have no space for: oversized curtains. Hanging curtains another foot out from the window creates plenty of space to tuck things away.

When life gets busy, things pile up! We get it, and hope some of these hacks help manage your space a bit better and optimize the space to its fullest potential.