3 Neighborhoods in Maple Ridge Set to Take Off in 2022

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For anyone looking at investing in the Maple Ridge real estate market in 2021-2022 you want to see what neighborhoods are set to take off in 2022. This will be areas that have city approved development currently happening, which will bring the market up in the next year. Although Maple Ridge is also seeing a population growth of 2.01% per year, there are a few key neighborhoods that are expected to see more growth than others.

  1. East Central – East Central is blowing up right now with developments! These are great to purchase into early and have them increase in value while they are being built. Not only is East Central growing residentially but its getting more shops and restaurants.
  2. Silver Valley – Silver Valley on the other hand has been expanding mostly residentially. This area is located close to the city but also close to nature in a quiet community.
  3. Albion – Over the past 5 years Albion has become a hot place to live with great schools close by and being close to the Westcoast Express. Albion is rapidly expanding and has the room to do so just like Silver Valley.

Check out the land development application viewer.

Anywhere in Maple Ridge has potential to go up in value over the next year as the city develops, its all about the product you are purchasing and the location! If you would like more detail on any neighborhoods in Maple Ridge or have any questions please contact me at [email protected] or 604-341-9937.