Common Problems Found in Homes Built Before 2000

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When purchasing a detached home in Maple Ridge there are a few things you want to look for when walking through the house. Always get an inspection done whether its before you place an offer, after or after you have purchased the home, the inspector will be able to give you a customized report based on all the findings in the property.

  1. The first thing I always look at when walking up to the house is the roof. This will tell you a few things about the house. How many trees are around it? Is there branched and leaves coving the roof? How old does the roof look at first sight? Do the windows look newer? If not when you get inside listen to see if you can hear the outside well. Another thing to look for in the winter is if it has snowed compare the amount of snow on the roof to the other houses around it. If the house has little to no snow on it, there could be an insulation issue.
  2. I always like to know where the water shut off valve is and how old the furnace and water heater/boiler are? this is helpful to know because of upcoming costs. It’s also great to find out if they do yearly maintenance on these key parts of the home.
  3. Looking around at the walls and ceiling for any signs of water damage or dried water marks. Also looking around will show you the settlement cracks, if they look bad I recommend asking about them or getting your inspector to take an extra look. Doing all of these will help tell you if there could be mold in the walls or ceiling.
  4. Paying close attention to the floors. Do they feel thin? Its normal for the ground to squeak but if you notice any dips or slanting in the floor take note and have it looked at. Will you need to replace the flooring in anyway right away? Think about what condition the floors are in and if it is livable. I always jump a little bit to see if the house shakes or not, in some areas there could be an un-permited attachment/addition to the home that the sellers did not notify you about.
  5. Lastly always make sure the inspector checks your attic and your basement/crawl space. If you can check them yourselves awesome but inspectors look for rodent droppings or mold in the attic. This will also show if the heat is circulating properly throughout the house. I have seen many inspectors miss this big step in an inspection because they were not able to get to it. Always ask your realtor to request access if its not already giving because this will give you a lot of insight into the home.

There are many more issues to look for in an older home but here is a few key ones that you will notice just walking through a potential home. If you are also thinking of selling your home in the near future and want to have an inspector come through your home to make sure your home is ready to be put on the market and go to a new owner for top dollar, I work with some amazing inspectors that I can connect you with. If you have any questions or want to know what else to look for or have help on your search contact me at 604-341-9937 or [email protected]