Downsizers Guide

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This is your guide to downsizing your lifestyle!

We’ve all heard the expression that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and moving up to a more expensive or expansive home to many does not necessarily constitute a “move up.”
For the same reason, many real estate professionals prefer to refer to downsizing as rightsizing—for some, a smaller home can make for a better lifestyle.

Therefore, our advice on moving up has more to do with timing than it has to do with the size of a home or even the lifestyle. Instead, a so-called “move up” market in real estate terms can mean a period when there are special negotiating opportunities, due to changing marketplace circumstances.

Whether you’re looking to move from a house to a condo in the same city, or branch out to a home with a completely new change of scenery, this guide will help you determine your wish list, as well as take you through our process.

This exercise is intended to help you examine the attitudes held by both you and your partner regarding real estate so you can arrive at more mutually-compatible decisions. Rank each statement using the scale below.

3: Agree
2: Undecided
1: Disagree

I want to live where it’s easy to walk to amenities.

I want to live closer to water (i.e lakes, rivers).

I want to live close to neighbours.

I want to live further away from neighbours.

I want to live in a more diverse community.

I believe the neighbourhood or community we select is as or more important than the home we select.

I believe the lifestyle benefits of where we move is more important than how much our property may or may not appreciate or depreciate.

I believe the abundance of amenities surrounding our property is more important than the square footage.

Dog parks or pet friendly areas are an important part of my decision making process.

Being near families with children is important to me so my grandchildren have playmates.

Being near public transit is important to me.

Being near restaurants and shopping destinations is important to me.


If you are thinking about downsizing and would like an experts help creating a plan contact us at 604-341-9937 or [email protected].