Making The Moving With Pets?

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I hope you are having a wonderful week.

Moving itself can be stressful let alone with a dog or a cat. Many buyers forget when moving to a new place and taking family pets with them, it’s very important that the transition is smooth for not only you but your pet. Here are some things you can do to ensure your pets are taken care of before, during and after the move.


Things you can do before the move:

Visit the vet

Find a pet sitter

Familiarize your cat or dog with transportation

Pack essential supplies

List of essential items:

  • meds and medical history
  • telephone number of your old and new vet
  • bottles with water and pet food
  • can opener and spoon
  • feeder and water bowls
  • familiar blanket, basket, or bedding
  • favourite toys
  • grooming tools
  • for dogs: collar and leash
  • for cats: litter and litter box
  • poop bags
  • enzymatic cleaner and paper towels


How to make the actual moving days as easy as possible for your animals:

Be reassuring and attentive

Let’s start with the most important tip: check in on your pet regularly throughout the day and give plenty of attention and reassurance.

Put on a collar and ID tag

Take the pet to the sitter

Find a safe location

If leaving your animal with a pet sitter isn’t an option, keep your pet in a quiet and safe space away from the activity.


Tips for helping them to settle in:

Create a safe, secluded space

Set up an enclosed, quiet area or room where your pet can relax and calm down after the move.

Put up furniture and objects they are used from the old home first.

Set up their familiar feeder and drinking bowl.

Set up their familiar bedding or basket and layout their favourite toys.

Stick to your pet’s feeding and walking routine.

Pet-proof the new home and garden

Let them explore 

Update your pet’s information

Bring things that smell like home

Meet with your new veterinarian

Find a local dog park

Give them extra attention


Bonus tip:

When you buy moving boxes, assemble and display them in the old home. This way, your pet can become familiar with the boxes, which will help to prepare for the move and reduce their stress and anxiety. 


If you have anymore questions about how to make the move as smooth as possible. Send us a message we would be happy to hear from you!