What is Maple Ridge Known For?

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Why move to Maple Ridge? What is it like living in Maple Ridge are two of our most asked questions when someone is looking to purchase in the lower mainland but doesn’t know much about each area.

Maple Ridge is desirable for many reasons but here is just a few. As always we recommend checking Maple Ridge out for yourself as there is plenty to do! Check out our other blog posts for ideas on what to do in Maple Ridge.

Maple Ridge is known for its natural beauty, mild climate and high-quality lifestyle. A family-oriented community with magnificent parks, a vibrant local economy and affordable real estate in the lower mainland.

No matter what your lifestyle Maple Ridge offers something for everyone! The natural beauty can be seen from all over Maple Ridge. There are some incredible walks and hikes to check out.

As Maple Ridge is closer to the Fraser Valley the climate remains quite mild as it is great for farmers and livestock.

Lastly, everyone in Maple Ridge enjoys life in their own way.  Whether it be at community events, parks and hikes or just enjoying your own property!

If you are considering moving to Maple Ridge or are looking for some fun things to do when you visit contact your neighbourhood expert Kara at [email protected] or 604-341-9937.