Top 3 Local Plant Stores In Maple Ridge

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When you purchase your first home or make a big move to a different city, it may not always feel like home right away and thats okay. Even after years of living in the same house you may want it to feel more fresh and bright when you come home. Adding plants can be an easy way to bring new life to your home. I always find that adding a few plants either inside or outside can help the home feel more clean and cozy. A few clients of mine have asked the question “what if I don’t have a green thumb?” Thats completely okay there are easy plants to maintain along with the plant shops I have listed below are here to help answer any of your questions and give you tips to keep all your plants growing and looking beautiful in your space. Check out my top 3 local plant shops in Maple Ridge for both indoor and outdoor plants.

  1. Triple Tree Nurseryland
  2. Westgate Flower Garden
  3. Amsterdam Greenhouses & Garden Centre

If you have young children or pets that you want to keep safe check out our blogs below to find out which plants are not only easy to take care of but safe to have in your home around children and pets.

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