A day in the life of a Maple Ridge agent

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What does a Maple Ridge Realtor do in a day?

One of the more frequently asked questions in real estate, what do real estate agents do? I plan on taking your through a full busy day in my life and with the way the market has been there are more busy days then not.

First I wake at about 6am and get ready to workout. After working out at about 7:45am I come back starting getting ready for my day. I make a green smoothy and some breakfast. As I eat I catch up on news and emails. At about 8:50am I leave my house to take on the day.

First appointment is in West Central, its an inspection at 9am for my lovely clients who just got there first ever accepted offer. Normally an inspection for an attached condo or townhouse takes about 3 hours. During this time, I check MLS to see if there are any new listings out in the markets my other clients are interested in. Once the inspection is nearly complete we do a walk through to talk about any issues the inspector found. At around 12pm I head to my favorite cafe in Maple Ridge the Nut to grab some lunch and write an offer for another client in Pitt Meadows.

Right after eating lunch, I head to my possession in East Central, Maple Ridge for my other clients who get the keys to there very first townhouse today!! I’m really excited to see what they do with the unit and how they make it their own. Once I receive the keys from the listing agent, I race inside with my clients gifts to make sure the unit is clean and ready for them to arrive. If needed I keep cleaning supplies in my car to be able to do a quick clean if necessary. Once they clients arrive I spend some time with them looking at there new place then I get out of there way as they start to move in! I also like to mention if they are new to the area some great local spots to check out.

At about 3pm, I make my way over to Silver Valley to meet some new clients at a showing for a large detached house. We view the house and chat for a bit to get to know each other after. I like staying a bit after a showing to see what my clients liked and didn’t like about the house along with getting to know them and what they would like or need. Each search I do is personalized to find every client exactly what they need and can afford.

Its now about to be 5pm and my day is almost done. After a long drive home I make some dinner and get settled. After eating, I sit down with my laptop again to do some more work and listen to an audio book or podcast. Once I’ve touched base with my team and my clients for the day, I head out for a nightly walk at about 8:30pm. After sitting in my car for much of the day I need to move my legs.

My day to day changes every week with writing offers and our own listings. But here is one day in my life as a Maple Ridge agent!

If you are thinking about getting into the market or just want to know more about how a realtor can help you with the home buying process contact me at [email protected] or 604-341-9937.