Common Problems Found in Condos

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When purchasing a condo in Maple Ridge there are a few common issues to lookout for. Always read the strata documents for any problems in the depreciation report and strata minutes. Along with getting an inspection will not only help you know more about your unit but also about the strata and the condition of the building. Here are just a few things I tend to look for when viewing a condo for clients:

  1. Looking at how well kept the building is on the outside and the inside walking to the unit. Notice if you see garbage or anything thats broken. I also look for over growth and moss growth on the exterior. This shows how well the strata is keeping up with the maintenance of the building.
  2. When in the unit you want to look at the floors and the ceiling. Remember floors and paint can be done pretty easily. But always seeing the condition the floors are in along with any water marks or cracks on the ceiling from any leaks or settling.
  3. In the bathrooms, check beside the bath tub for any water spillage along the walls. And making sure the grout and caulking is done and kept up with over the years. Grout and caulking should be done every year or so to make sure all the water from the shower/bath is not going in the walls.
  4. I always like to know how good the sound proofing is in the building. You can check this by going up or down the stairs, listening for an echo and knowing how many units are surrounding the unit you are interested in.
  5. Always review the strata documents!! This is the most important item to check if you are interested in purchasing a condo. This will show you how well the building has been maintained and if there are any bigger issues that the eye can’t see on the first visit.

If you would like help in your search for a condo in Maple Ridge or are wondering what buildings to lookout for contact me at 604-341-9937 or [email protected]