East Central Maple Ridge

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The heart of Maple Ridge is where most of the local shops and amenities are located. This area is known as East Central and a bit into West Central. As Maple Ridge’s population grows at a very fast pace the city has been planning and approving more development to not only house the growing population but they are also expanding the commercial side of the city as well.

Homes in East Central Maple Ridge range from single family detached homes to townhouses and condos of all sizes. This area is one of the most popular areas to purchase a home or an investment property because it has a lot of development approved and it is very centrally located where you can walk to almost anything you may need.

As Maple Ridge is full of communities with primarily homes the city center makes it a lot easier to get anywhere even though you are a bit further from hikes and trails you still get spectacular fews of the Fraser River and Golden Ears Mountains.

The West Coast Express also runs through East Central. It is ideal for commenters and renters as you don’t necessarily need a car living in East Central.

If you are looking at making to move to Maple Ridge and wondering what community would fit your lifestyle send me a message at 604-341-9937 or [email protected]