Tips On Relocating To A New Neighbourhood

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After the hard work of finding and moving into the perfect home, you’re finally ready for the best part: getting adjusted into your new neighborhood! Here’s what you should do in a new place to help make it your home.

Get your bills in order

You probably had the essentials switched over to your name so you wouldn’t be without them on move-in day. But you’ll need to make appointments for other services, like cable or home security, right after you move in. Other essentials may also have slipped off your radar, like neighbourhood trash pickup dates.

Find your local resources

No matter how much you think you have everything you need, you will undoubtedly need to make trips to your hardware store for home essentials. Your first week is the best time to seek out these essentials and more. You’ll no doubt become well-acquainted with the nearby hardware store, but you’ll also want to stock that new fridge at the local grocery store, make friends with the barista at the neighbourhood coffee shop, and hit the closest post office to have your mail forwarded.

Meet the neighbours

This will give you some comfort in knowing who is around you. Neighbours are a great resource for discovering where all the local hot spots are, where to go for necessary services, and more. If you have children, this will also help them meet the neighbourhood kids their age and start making friends.

Dine like a local

Try different grocery stores, coffee shops, bars and dining options. Step outside your comfort zone to try new places.

Follow your interests

Local charities are always looking for volunteers and church groups are always looking for new members.City recreation facilities often offer classes for kids and adults. This can also be a great way to meet other locals that have similar interests.

Take advantage of your city

You chose your neighbourhood for its character, proximity to work, or its other perks. Now’s the time to explore other neighbourhoods nearby for hidden gems. Go to the theater! Visit museums and concerts. Take advantage of your town’s amazing parks! Explore a different neighbourhood every month. Knowing your city better will help you feel more connected and give you even more favorite places to come back to again and again.



If you are planning to relocate or have any questions about relocation give us a call, text, or email ! We can answer all of your questions, and give you specific tips related to the neighbourhoods, adjusting, and more. We’re here to help.